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Teaching for Critical Thinking: How to Prepare Students for the Real Test….SURVIVAL!

by Julie "Jules" Troyer Ph.D. How to prepare students for the real test: SURVIVAL Click on the link above and watch the brilliant young Suli Breaks spoken word on why he hates school but loves e [...]

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The Connectionist Learning Cycle

by Julie "Jules" Troyer Ph.D. Keeping It Real: Learning Through Connecting! Connecting the material we are learning to our real life is the key to comprehension and recall. This model (Troyer, 201 [...]

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3 Tips for Teachers to Help Students be More Conscious in Learning

by Julie "Jules" Troyer Ph.D. I have often checked how conscious my students are through a simple little in-class experiment. Before a big test, I tell all the students, "I am feeling benevolent an [...]

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