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5 Ways to Improve Student Participation in an Online Discussion

by Julie "Jules" Troyer Online classes often use discussion forums, typically threaded discussions, as a major part of the course. Anyone who has used asynchronous or “respond at your own time” [...]

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Students are in a Conscious Fog-Julie “Jules” Troyer Ph.D.

by Julie "Jules" Troyer Ph.D. Jeremiahs' hands are on his laptop keyboard and he types furiously every time the teacher makes a notable point by saying, "ok class, make sure you take notes on this, [...]

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Welcome to Dr. Julie “Jules” Troyer’s Ph.D. World of Educational Consultation

The digital age is transforming the world of education and methods of instructional delivery. It is imperative that educators begin to rethink some of the outdated pedagogical techniques that guide st [...]

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